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Window & Door Repairs

We hold a large stock of uPVC Hinges, Handles and Locks for the repair of existing windows/doors.

  • Jammed Windows/Doors Released
  • Window/Door Hinges Replaced
  • All Locks and Handles Replaced
  • Rubber Gaskets and Seals replaced
  • Windows/Doors Re-Aligned to open/close correctly
  • Wide Range of Upvc Security Hardware Available
  • Air Vents Fitted to Existing Windows and Doors

Misted Unit Replacement

You do not need to replace the whole window frame when something goes wrong. The glass unit for each window can easily be changed saving you time and money.

When double glazed units become misted up or foggy, a popular misconception is that the whole window, including the frames need to be replaced. 99% of the time the double glazed units can be replaced at a fraction of the cost.